Telepsychiatry Info


Telepsychiatry Consent Form

Our telepsychiatry service is now up and running.

We are using for the teleconferencing.

You need either a phone or computer with microphone, video, and an internet connection for telepsychiatry to work. If we have to use the phone because of limitations on your end, it is possible, but not preferred.

In the mornings, I will send out emails with links to my online waiting room on When you click the link, it will prompt you to join my waiting room. You are welcome to join as soon as you see it.

My understanding is that you have to use either firefox or chrome as your internet browser. The website seems to be stable on most browsers now.

I will be able to see you in the waiting room while I work with other patients and will send you a quick message if it looks like it will take longer than 30 minutes. If no one is ahead of you, then I will see you immediately.

If you don’t see an email relatively early in the morning, please check your spam folder. The email will be from or

If you join the waiting room and have to leave or the connection is lost, you can rejoin with the same link.

When I am trying to get you to join quickly, I will send another message to your phone. In these cases I will only alert 1 patient at a time and give them 5 minutes to join before going on to the next patient. You don’t have to join at that point if you don’t have time. If the timing or equipment cause too much of a problem, your appointment may have to be moved to the next business day, but will be given priority.

After the appointment, you will need to call the front office to schedule your next appointment date and take care of your copay if you have one.

This system will be more flexible than face to face appointments and I may be able to see patients during evening slots on a limited basis. We will do our best to find a balance that makes this as convenient and efficient as possible for everyone.

Please click the link below, fill out the form and either email or mail it to us ASAP.  This is necessary for billing purposes and to ensure that you are aware of risks and benefits of telepsychiatry.

Telepsychiatry Consent Form

New Email Addresses


Due to ongoing problems with our webhost, we are changing Jan and Shirley’s email addresses to the following:

These are the email addresses that will send out your online appointment links. The old addresses are not functioning correctly, so please do not use them to contact our office.

Dr. Nathan Hansen MD


I am excited to announce the addition of Dr. Nathan Hansen to the practice.  He is another excellent clinician in whom I have great confidence.  Welcome aboard!

Dr. Joel Melvin PhD


Dr. Melvin is joining me starting on Monday, February 16.  He is an excellent therapist and a valuable addition to the practice.  We have worked together for the last 5 years and he is truly a professional.  We are lucky to have him here.

New Office


As you may or may not know, I am in the process of setting up a new office at 3037 Massey Rd.  You can find the full address and helpful links under the “Location” tab.  Fliers will be mailed to all of my patients later this month.  I will be retaining my prior billing specialists and will continue to accept all currently covered insurance plans.  The office will officially open on February 2, 2015, but will be able to receive phone calls starting on January 26th or 27th.